What are UV printers used for?

Ultraviolet printing, commonly called UV printing, is a method that uses ultraviolet light as a catalyst to cure the ink. The UV light immediately follows behind the print heads as the machine runs. It instantly cures the ink as soon as the print heads place the ink drops on a substrate surface.

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Initially, developers created this ink curing technique to dry gel nail polish quickly during women’s manicure sessions. After witnessing its efficiency in the beauty industry, researchers wanted to adapt it to other industrial and commercial applications. They achieved this goal via the manufacturing of UV printers, primarily catering to the print and sign industries.

These machines use UV-LED technology to create high-resolution prints on multiple materials, including solid and flexible substrates.

What types of objects can you use on UV printers?

Generally, the versatile UV printers enable you to print on almost any object. You can use it on solid products such as a mobile phone case or glass plaque. Alternately, you can utilize the machine to print on flexible substrates such as paper, canvas, fabric, plastic bags, and leather.

You can use UV printers to work on different shapes, enabling you to address varying client demands. For example, the rotary UV flatbed printer has a cone 3D design that lets you print on cylindrical items. The construction delivers a 360-degree full coverage to give unformed prints on your rounded products. You can use it to add unique details to mugs, cups, bottles, and fire extinguishers without compromising steadiness and precision.

UV printers also incorporate an ergonomic design to handle canned products. You feed cans down their conveyor belts before the machines rinse, fill, and seal the cans. This efficient operation enables you to produce 500 to 1,800 cans hourly, depending on the UV printer type you choose. You can find some automatic models that give between 10 sets and 1,200 cans, helping you meet large-scale production demands.

Which materials can you use on UV printers?

UV printers’ UV-LED technology makes them among the best options for creating high-resolution and durable images. The machines can work on multiple materials to suit commercial and personal printing needs. You can use the UV printers on various substrates such as:

· Paper

· Plastic

· Wood

· Mobile Phone Case

· Canvas and Fabric

· Glass

Which applications use UV printers?

You can use UV printing devices on items of different shapes and materials. This versatility increases the machines’ value since you can use a UV printer on several applications.

i. Advertising

The advertising industry is among the most significant users of UV printers. These machines perfectly merge efficiency and quality, making advertisers heavily reliant on them. You can use UV printing on film or fabric designed for backlit effects to make your signage stand out. The fade-resistant and waterproof UV ink also mean you can post your prints outdoors without damage.

ii. Fashion

You can use UV printers to cater to fashion needs. It helps you create stylish looks that stand out from the crowd. UV printing devices enable you to print on fashionable products and materials such as leather and fabric. You can personalize shirts and leather shoes for personal use or clients such as schools and sports teams.

iii. Customizing

The phone industry provides a rich market since you can get billions of smartphone users worldwide. UV printers are a popular choice for customizing phone products. You can use them to print unique patterns and details on items such as mobile phone cases. UV printers’ printing speeds also mean you can customize bulk orders to meet the market’s delivery dates.

iv. Home Dector

You can rely on UV printing machines such as the small UV printer to offer creative home decors. The device lets you produce stylish designs and paintings on home items such as ceramic tiles and wallpaper. UV printers can also deliver artful patterns on wood board, adding more décor to your ceiling. Besides, you can incorporate the décor in an office space to suit commercial and professional clients.

v. Packaging and Labels

The labels and packaging industry is another significant customer of UV printers. UV printing devices can work on many products, such as glass and metal substrates. For instance, you can use the printers to create nametags, plaques, and signage in style. This industry also commonly uses UV printers to customize labels and packages to stand out against the competition.

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