Ceramic Tile Printer

Ceramic Tile Application

Hand Painted Tiles

Customize wallpaper to beautify your office or living environment. Yosun’s digital UV wallpaper printer allows you to print different modes in a variety of wallpaper at high resolution.

Whether you are going to print your own photos or other designs, our printing press can reproduce all the details perfectly. Yosun digital wallpaper printing machine has high-speed printing capacity, suitable for short-term production and batch printing production.

Ceramic Tile Application 2
Ceramic Tile Application

Ceramic Tile Application

Ceramic Tile

With the ability to create excellent ceramic tile prints, Yosun’s flat UV printer allows you to directly ink-jet print full-color, high-resolution logos, photos, and graphics of ceramic tiles.

Our UV tile printers use environmentally-friendly UV curable ink to provide strong ink adhesion and excellent printing quality. 7 color printing options make it easy to create the amazing ceramic tile printing you expect.

Ceramic Tile Printer Application Video

In addition to the exquisite 3D visual effect, our flat UV tile printer can also create a realistic embossing effect and enhance the sense of art.

You can produce art sensitive tiles and use them to decorate your walls, or make artworks based on your rich imagination, such as tiles, pendants, etc. They can print C, m, y, K, LC, LM, white ink, and varnish. These colors can be kept for a long time.

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