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Yosun’s industrial UV printer features a high-quality design, including a steel frame integrated into its structure. This design means there is no screw in the middle, facilitating proper friction between your substrate and the platform. It also comes with a firmer absorption material via the six-area absorption platform. This enhanced firmness allows the machine to adapt to the friction between the platform and various materials. For this reason, the industrial UV printing machine is suitable for several industries since it supports a wide application range, including flexible materials like cloth and hard media like melamine board.

You can easily run this machine since it features intelligent control and a Y direction double servo motor. Additionally, this machine incorporates a display and alarm system that signals a low amount of ink. The alerts from the two functions ensure you can avoid delays from unexpectedly running out of ink. You can conveniently use the Gen6 or the Ricoh Gen5 print heads because this industrial UV printer is compatible with multi-types of heads. This versatility ensures you can handle different work demands without buying a separate machine to fit your desired print heads. hosts multiple printing devices, letting you identify the industrial UV printer suitable for your creative needs. For instance, you can find the machines in varying shapes, ranging from tabletop to industrial-sized models. You can also get the devices in one or two units, allowing you to purchase them according to your preferred package. Besides, Yosun creates these machines using various materials that enhance durability and stability. You can find a flatbed printer machine mainly constructed with stainless steel, making it more comfortable to handle and maintain.

Yosun presents the industrial UV printer in different finishes, including yellow or green. These bright colors ensure you can add a unique touch to your working space that reflects a fun and creative personality. If you prefer subtlety, you can find a suitable design since the provider primarily provides the machines in grey steel. Aside from these, the selections also enable you to choose between automatic and manual models for your preferred operation style.

An industrial UV printer incorporates a systematic structure that makes them suitable for sealing beverages. You can feed canned products such as beans, beer, or soda down the conveyor belt and be integrated into the machine. Here, it rinses, fills, and seals the cans for efficient printing in the food and cosmetics industry. These machines have different production speeds, with the compact and manual models delivering one can at a time. The automated and industrial-sized options have a higher capacity, producing from 10sets to 1,200 cans. If you run a small business, you can conveniently select a printer that can produce between 500 and 1,800 cans every hour.

The industrial UV printing machine features a premium design to make it compatible with various materials, including metal, glass, aluminum, or plastic. You can also print on certain flexible substrates such as canvas or cloth to enhance convenience when dealing with a dynamic market. An industrial UV printer has an integrated frame made from tempered steel that eliminates a screw in the mid-section, ensuring sufficient friction between the media surface and the platform. This design enables you to get high-definition graphics without fading or unpleasant streaks.

Industrial UV Printer FAQ

The industrial UV printing machine has premium construction with military-grade materials that facilitate durability and low-noise operations. It incorporates a high-quality drag chain imported from Germany that significantly minimizes wearing on the wire harness.

The smooth chain movement also ensures you do not have to deal with loud and distracting noises when printing.

Yosun integrates a flexible ink cartridge into the machine’s structure that lets you modify the ink’s temperature. This feature allows you to continue operating the industrial UV printer even when your working space is cold or hot. Furthermore, the device incorporates a convenient swallowtail design that connects to the platform receiving the material more comfortably.

It helps you efficiently load substrates to save time while simultaneously preventing fractious movements that damage your materials.

This printer features advanced technology that allows you to use white, color, and brilliant varnish simultaneously. You first start by placing a strong adhesion on your flatbed material that ensures you can achieve quality graphics without fading.

Next, the machine adds realistic color and pattern to produce a bump relief effect on the adhesion coating. After this, it completes the printing by putting a UV varnish layer at the top to form a smoother surface with a professional-quality effect.

An industrial UV printer utilizes UV printing technology to deliver professional-quality graphics.

This system works by having print heads put ink droplets on your preferred substrates before the LED lamps dry the inks instantly. Therefore, the prompt curing system ensures you can receive high-quality images with completely dried ink to prevent accidental streaks.

The industrial UV printer features a standard routing structure that increases safety by protecting the wires. It also facilitates signal stability to ensure you can achieve consistent and high-quality results for a long time.

The machine integrates a Y direction double servo motor, ensuring it continuously runs in the appropriate directions. This design enhances safety because it keeps components from colliding during complex tasks, delivering a reliable collision avoidance function.

Yes, you can. Yosun designed the industrial UV printing device to be compatible with various flexible materials, including paper, cloth, leather, and plastic film. Additionally, you can use it to work on hard media like glass, acrylic board, metal board, ceramic tile, and KT board.

You can conveniently rely on the machine to print on multiple substrate kinds, such as a guitar panel, spectacle frame, mobile phone case, button, sticky note, suspended ceiling, 3D floor, and marble table.

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