2513 UV Printer Printing Machine


1. High Precision UV flatbed UV printer, Intelligent control, redefine printing equipment

2. Ricoh Gen5 print head

3. Ink quantity display and alarm

4. Six area adsorption platform, silent slide, Silent drag chain imported from Germany

5. Y direction double servo motor

6. New generation car collision avoidance function

7. Constant temperature negative pressure two-stage Ink box

8. UV LED curing light source with high efficiency

9. Integrated tempered steel frame, no screw in the middle to ensure the friction between the material and the platform

10. Military-grade products, low noise, wear resistance, greatly reduce the wear of wire harness

11. Adjustable temperature design of ink cartridge, Easy to deal with all kinds of temperature

12. The advanced technology of brilliant varnish, color, white at the same time.


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UV printer machine uses a UV digital process to turn a 2D digital image into a 3D form. With a UV direct printer machine, it is possible to take your ideas from flat on paper to a new dimension in 3D.

UV flatbed printer machine works by sending tiny drops of ink into metal, substrates, plastic or paper. There, the ink forms an image after being delivered by the UV printer print head. Other names you may hear a digital UV printer machine be called may include a glass printing machine, industrial UV printerUV curable printer, UV inject printer, UV LED printer or UV bottle printer.

2513 UV Printer Printing Machine

The 2513 A3 UV printer machine by Yosun is an excellent option to help you get your products printed for less. Costing $20,000 to $30,000, it’s an affordable product for companies working in this industry.

Being of a sound structure is vital for these UV inkjet printer models since they will be working with heavy materials and moving regularly. The 2513 UV printing machine is built with an integrated tempered steel frame, so it is one large piece that stands strong against friction, movement, and vibrations. There is no screw in the middle, so there is no friction between the materials being used and the platform itself.

Print the bottom block, coating, patterns, relief effects, and a UV varnish layer to complete your project to the highest level. The print media accepted by this printer includes:

  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Ceramic tile
  • Acrylic tile
  • Leather
  • PVC
  • Other flatbed materials

Users love printing mobile phone cases, wooden boxes, guitar panels, and so much more.

What makes it so good? The high-precision UV flatbed UV printer has intelligent controls and has refined the way you’ll print with your equipment. It comes with the Ricoh Gen5 print head. The Gen6 print head is also available as an additional upgrade on this model.

To make printing easier, it has an alarm to let you know if your ink levels are getting low. With an additional display, it’s easy to track your ink to make sure you load more and prevent any erroneous prints.

With silent drag chain technology imported from Germany and a six-region absorption platform, the 2513 runs smoothly and without unnecessary noise. A “Y” direction double servo motor keeps it running in the correct directions, and a collision avoidance function prevents parts from colliding during complex projects.

Running low on ink? Even the last drops will make their way out of the ink box thanks to the negative-pressure two-stage ink box design. Once on the project, UV LED curing lights shine through to cure the product.

Whether the room is hot or cold, the 2513 runs as designed. As a military-grade product, it produces low noise and has high wear resistance. It has an adjustable temperature ink cartridge, so it will keep printing even when it’s hot or cold in the office.

Best of all, it’s easy to use the Yosun 2513. As a UV printer machine supplier, we know how important it is for your work to be easily managed. Our UV digital printer is convenient to load. In fact, you can connect the printer to the material receiving platform, so that the materials may load quickly and easily. This saves you time and helps avoid frictious movements that could damage your materials.

Important Specifications:

  • Ricoh Gen5/Gen 6 (optional)
  • 4-6 colors
  • 4Pass 27M²/h (double row) printing speed (Gen5)
  • Prints up to 2500×1300 mm
  • Environmentally friendly
  • CMYK, Lm, W, V, Lc, free combination ink color options
  • PDF, JPEG, TIFT, EPS, AI, Adobe Postscript Level 3 input formats
  • 1,250 KG weight
  • Requires 220V/AC(+/- 10%) single-phase, 50/60 Hz;4.8kw


What Is a Wide Format UV Printer?

A wide-format UV printer is wider than a small UV printer machine to finish larger products. These printers can handle the production of prints on fine-con, acrylic, Dibond, backbit signage, point-of-purchase displays, Sintra, and more. Wide-format printers are capable of printing billboards, banners and other large products. A wide-format UV flatbed printer machine usually prints 8′ x 10′ or larger.

How Much Does a Small UV Printer Machine Cost?

It depends on the brand. For example, Flora – 2512UV costs approximately $114,995. Our printer, the 2513 UV direct printer machine costs between $20,000 and $30,000.

Technical Specs

Print head typeRicoh Gen5 / Gen6 printer head optional
Quantity of Print Head4-8 colors optional
Print resolution600 x 2400dpi
Printing speed (Gen5)4 Pass6 Pass8 Pass
27 ㎡ /h(Double row)18 ㎡ /h(Double row)14㎡ /h(Double row)
Real print size2500 x 1300mm
Media typeRigid and flexible substrate
Media thicknessMax. thickness 100 mm
Ink typeEnvironment friendly UV curable ink (VOC free)
Ink colorCMYK. Lc. Lm. W. V,Free combination
RIP softwarePhotoPrint, Onyx
Input formatAdobe Postscript Level 3, PDF,JPEG,TIFT,EPS,AI
Size4250mm (L) x 2100mm (W) x 1400mm(H)
Power supply requirements220V/AC(+ 10%) single-phase, 50/60Hz;4.8kw

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