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A UV printing machine incorporates advanced technology to print materials more efficiently, delivering consistent results. The device uses ultra-violet lights to cure the ink instantly, ensuring the image is completely dry when the printed object exits your printer.

Yosunuvprinter.com offers various UV printers to help you choose the ideal device most suitable for your requirements. You can find small and larger options, allowing you to pick a version that can fit in your available working area. In addition, the compact models can comfortably fit on a tabletop, enhancing your convenience when dealing with limited storage spaces.

Among Yosun’s digital UV printing machines is the automatic UV Printer Machine constructed for factory usage. You can use it to produce between 10 sets and 1,200 cans, facilitating efficiency in a busy promotional, drinkware, or electronic industry. Other Yosun devices can deliver anywhere from 500 to 1,800 cans per hour, allowing you to find a piece that will meet your desired production target.

Moreover, the UV printing machines have varying operating power, with most ranging from 220 to 380 volts to address high printing demands efficiently. With Yosun printers available in one or two units, you can purchase your preferred model according to your working demands. The company also provides the machines with two systems that enable you to operate them manually or automatically.

Besides these, the UV digital printers incorporate high-quality construction using sturdy materials that deliver durability. A UV flatbed printing machine typically features a stainless steel design to ensure you can rely on the device for a long time without warping and rusting issues. Additionally, you can add style to your work station since some machines come in bright colors, including green and yellow. Notably, most UV printers at Yosun are available in grey steel, with the neutral shade making it more comfortable for various users and industries.

You can find additional models made to seal cylindrical items such as beverages and canned products. Most of these products are compatible with different materials such as metal, plastic, glass, and aluminum, meeting your needs when working in various industries. For example, some flatbed printers enable you to add unique details to rounded items, such as labeling a soda can or placing an icon on a bottle. These machines also have a state-of-the-art system to rinse, fill, and seal cans after feeding them down a conveyor belt.

Yosun UV printing devices have multiple features that facilitate convenience, safety, and efficiency. You can find overheating protection integrated into most print heads to enhance safety while extending the machine’s lifespan. The control panels have visible and easy-to-use commands to make the utility more comfortable for different users. You can also rely on the humanized handles in some models to make transportation stable and more convenient.

The UV digital printing machines have different designs that support printing on differently shaped surfaces. You can get the flatbed version that is ideal for any flat surfaces such as paper and cloth. Other machines integrate ergonomic components that allow you to work on cylindrical and tapered objects, including bottles, cans, and lipstick tubes.

With the ultra-modern technology in UV printing machines, these devices ensure you can enjoy high-resolution images in a single pass without concerns about smudges or brushed stripes. The durable imagery produced can also withstand washing and handling, allowing you to maintain quality finishes for a long time. You can also count on 24-hour working machines that integrate a self-developed motherboard into their systems to make performance more stable.

UV printing machine FAQ

Yes, Yosun provides quality machines designed with larger printing areas suitable for cylindrical and flat items. You can print in a round shape as long as the surface fits within the maximum flatness range the machine permits.

Although most UV printers feature elaborate construction to cater to factory utility, you can get some compact versions for use at home or in a small office. For instance, the A3 UV printing machine has a small footprint and efficient performance, making it ideal for home offices, real estate, law firms, publishing schools, and busy offices.

You can find some UV printing machines made with flash spray functions that automatically clean and moisturize the print head, preventing blockages and making maintenance simpler. Nonetheless, it is generally advisable to check your printhead manually during a regular maintenance check.

Yes, you can. The UV LED printing machines can print on a wide range of materials, enhancing your options and convenience when marketing or advertising products. You can utilize the device to print on canvas, cloth, leather, plastic film, ceramic, acrylic, wood panel, PVC, and metal panel.

You can get a UV printing machine for mobile covers that lets you add a unique design on phone accessories to reflect different personalities. If you work with smoother surfaces, you can find a UV screen printing machine commonly used to print CDs, nameplates, metal decorations, decals, and automotive artwork.

Yes, you can use a 3D UV printing machine to produce 3D objects. The device jets resin onto a building plate and simultaneously uses UV light to cure the droplets immediately. This process forms solid parts with smooth finishes, making it among the most precise and fastest 3D printing technologies.

UV roll to roll printing machine is suitable for printing on soft materials that you can roll. It has an even feeding system, sizable rubber rollers that convey the material, and adjustable tension to ensure the roll does not wrinkle. In contrast, a UV flatbed device can print on any flat surfaces and materials, including soft materials, making it the more practical of the two.

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