UV Flatbed Printer

Produce vibrant and detailed images for your product labels and cans with the Flatbed UV Printer from Yosun UV Printer. This versatile printing machine allows manufacturers to seal cans, bottles, and other products with colorful labels to further promote your company and brand. Models are also available for at-home use for people operating a small business or when providing small items to family and friends.

Flatbed UV Printer Models

The Flatbed UV Printer is available as automatic or manual machines. They come in 1 or 2 units based on the specific needs of the industrial operations. Sizes range from large industrial units to smaller tabletop versions depending on the setup of your present operations. The printers come in various models including the A3+ UV Flatbed Printer and the P20R5 Industrial UV Printer.

Flatbed UV printers may be used on metal, aluminum, glass, or plastic products moving down the conveyor belt. The Flatbed UV Printer fits within the production line as cans or bottles are washed and filled. Printers produce stunning digital printed images placed on products. Some models may also print digital images that also seals the can from tampering.

These versatile Flatbed UV Printers may also produce and place images on food. Create fun and decorate images such as pet faces, animated characters, or company logos directly on food, such as beans, pastries, cookies, and other food products. Let the imagination run wild with your designs that will attract customers to your specific products.

Flatbed UV Printer Specifications

Each Flatbed UV Printer is made from stainless steel materials for durability. The Flatbed UV Printer Models operate on voltages spanning from 220 volts to 380 volts depending on the size and model.

The manual printers may produce digital imagery for 500 to 1,800 cans per hour as well as seal the cans. Our automatic Flatbed UV Printer for factory use may produce anywhere from 10 sets to 1,200 cans. Can sealer’s colors may come as grey seals or in a variety of bright colors such as green or yellow.

Seal and print images in stunning colors and designs with the Flatbed UV printer models from Yosun UV Printer. Contact our company to learn more.

UV Flatbed Printer FAQ

A Flatbed UV Printer produces digital images that is placed on flat materials ranging from glass to metal.

The images can be reproduced quickly for mass production in industrial settings.

You place the material that will receive the image into the printer area. Then you set up the height, width, length and then scan information into the machine.

Next, create the visual artboard in the illustrator screen and size it to specifications. Then save the artboard. Enter the printer settings and print the visual onto the product. The Flatbed UV Printer will clean the surface and perform the print job.

Contact Yosun UV Printer for available models.

UV Flatbed Printer Video

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