YOSUN 3220 large format UV Printer​


1, High Precision UV flatbed UV printer, Intelligent control, redefine printing equipment

2,  Ricoh Gen5 print head

3, Ink quantity display and alarm

4,  Six area adsorption platform, silent slide, Silent drag chain imported from Germany

5, Y direction double servo motor

6,  New generation car collision avoidance function

7, Constant temperature negative pressure two-stage Ink box

8, UV LED curing light source with high efficiency

9, Integrated tempered steel frame, no screw in the middle to ensure the friction between the material and the platform

10, Military-grade products, low noise, wear resistance, greatly reduce the wear of wire harness

11, Adjustable temperature design of ink cartridge,Easy to deal with all kinds of temperature

12,  The advanced technology of brilliant varnish, color, white at the same time.

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Three Important Questions to Ask Before Buying a Large Format UV Printer

The purchase price of a large format UV flatbed printer can rival that of a new car or even a simple cabin on the lake. Buying a new UV printer machine is not a purchase that should be rushed. But although the price of a new large-format UV printer can induce sticker shock, its potential return on investment can make a huge, positive difference in your profits, as long as you choose the right printer.

From purpose to pricing, we have determined the three most important questions every business needs to consider before buying a large format UV Printer.

Why do you need a UV printer?

There are lots of reasons you may be investigating the acquisition of a new UV printer. Maybe you have been outsourcing your wide format UV printer work for years, and you are finally in the market for an industrial UV printer, a UV curable printer. Maybe you are looking to replace an outdated UV printer machine, or you need to boost your capacity for in-house wide format UV printing.

Each of these situations raises different questions.

If you are looking to buy your first large format UV printer, you will quickly find that there are dozens of models with hundreds of options at hundreds of price points. You need to find a dealer who can be a true partner to your business. You should work with a company that helps you understand your needs and your options and can provide you with the information and equipment you need as your business grows.

If you are looking to replace an outdated industrial UV printer, you will be considering whether to stick with the brand of printer you have now or buy a printer made by a different company. Has your large format UV printer been reliable? If you haven’t owned the printer very long, and it’s just not producing the way you think it should be, then you should investigate other brands.

If you are adding to your production capacity and you are happy with your current machine, then you should find out whether the same brand has a different model that meets all your needs. It is important to consider the roll-to-roll capacity and software changes that might be needed if you buy a second machine from a different manufacturer.

What Do You Need to Print On?

It is impossible to choose the right printer without being very sure what materials you need to print. Are you printing promotional products? Point of purchase displays? Blacklist signage? Are you printing on acrylic, Fome-cor, or Sintra?

Then you need to consider the size of the print bed you will need. You may want a machine you scale up to wider products. Or you may want a machine that toggles between narrower and wider print jobs.

Then you will need to consider whether you will be using white ink. White ink enables you to print high-quality graphics on rigid substrates, like acrylic or materials for backlighting. It also can be used as a base coat for high-quality graphics in color.

Can You Integrate Your New Large Format UV Printer with Equipment You Already Have?

If you are in the market for a large format UV printer, the chances are that you already have a UV printer machine with a smaller bed. Each manufacturer has software that only works for their brand. If your new large format UV printer is a different brand, then you may need to find a software package that works for all your machines, or you will need to train everyone on a new program.

Many software programs are only compatible with Windows operating systems. If you do your design on a Mac, you need to make sure you buy printers that can be run from Macs.

People Also Ask

All printers have to be maintained. All printers have occasional downtime. Every printer needs employees who know how to use it.

Purchasing your UV printer machine outright is always less expensive in the long run.

But if you have to wait for the bank to approve financing, leasing can be the way to get your printer into production fastest.

A flatbed printer is primarily a UV curable printer, while a roll-to-roll printer can be a UV curable printer or use water-based, latex, or solvent inks.

When you have the answers to these questions, you will know which large format UV printer you need to buy. Then there is the question of whom to buy it from.

Choose the dealer that will be with you for the long run. Get your equipment, your supplies, and your service under the same roof. Choose the dealer who will become a partner in your success.

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