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Yosunuvprinter.com offers a wide selection of advanced printers to make your search for the ideal UV bottle printer easier. You can find the machines in industrial-size or tabletop shapes with varying power systems, ranging from 220 to 380 volts to match different business and home power levels. Some models have bright finishes in yellow or green, although Yosun provides most of them in a neutral grey steel shade. Besides, you can buy the printer in one or two units depending on your preferred package. You can also comfortably choose your desired operating style since the machines come in automatic and manual systems. Many models, such as a flatbed printer machine, utilize high-strength materials like stainless steel for reliability and durability.

UV bottle printer uses state-of-the-art UV technology to deliver high-resolution graphics in a single-step process, making it the fastest printing method. You can find models designed to support six basic colors instead of the common four-color combination, providing superior image quality with finer details. These printers enable you to add light red and light blue base colors to create a more delicate effect. In addition, the three print heads integrated into the machine allow you to add complex visual effects and a more premium look by supporting the color white varnish.

This printer utilizes premium UV ink made of various monomers, pigments, photo-initiators, and other additives. The unique formulation forms an efficient and durable curing reaction upon exposure to UV light. Some UV bottle printer models have two imported UV lamps that facilitate twice the curing speed to support mass production businesses. You can swiftly adjust these lamps to obtain your desired light intensity, offering flexibility to suit different needs.

The UV bottle printer incorporates an imported guide rail that operates silently, enabling you to work at home without concerns about disturbing your neighbors. Its quiet performance also enhances stability to ensure you have consistently accurate and clear graphics. This printer’s ergonomic design supports 360-degree full coverage, enabling you to get wrapped images on your products. You can confidently run the machine without doubts about short-circuiting issues since it has an overheat protection sensor for the print head.

You can quickly fix different cylindrical and cone-shaped items on the UV bottle printer because it features various fixtures for a stable cylindrical fit. Aside from this, some models have an integrated frame constructed from tempered steel. This design means you have no screw in the middle, facilitating proper friction between the platform and substrate. You can also get some machines with an adjustable ink cartridge that lets you modify the system and maintain quality performance regardless of whether the room is hot or cold.

Besides these, Yosunuvprinter.com offers UV printing machines in models that support beverage sealing. You can conveniently feed canned objects like soda, beer, or beans down the device’s conveyor belt, where it rinses, fills, and seals them.

Many of these models can seal different materials, such as aluminum, glass, plastic, and metal, to address various industries’ demands. Moreover, you can enjoy efficiency in mass production because specific machines can deliver between 500 and 1,800 cans hourly. An automatic UV bottle printer made for factory operation can produce from 10 sets to 1,200 cans. Notably, the smaller manual models can seal one canned product at a time, making them suitable for small office or home use.

UV Bottle Printer FAQ

The UV bottle printing machine uses advanced technology to ensure you achieve professional-quality results. It relies on the UV-LED curing system, where the LED lamps instantly dry the ink droplets as soon as the print head places them on a substrate. This technology means you always produce high-resolution images without concerns about accidental smudges since the sheet exits the machine completely dry.

Aside from this, this printer incorporates an intelligent variable technology that automatically modifies three different sizes of ink drops. The adjustment produces a better printing effect with realistic and more precise outcomes.

Yes, you can. Yosun makes the UV bottle printer with multiple ergonomic components, like a sizeable platform to accommodate differently shaped objects. You can work on flat substrates such as paper, acrylic, wood board, and metal panel to enhance your convenience when owning a dynamic business. Moreover, you can place unique items like shoes as long as they fit within the maximum range offered by the platform to customize footwear stylishly.

This machine is compatible with various materials, including glass, metal, plastic, canvas, leather, and ceramic, increasing convenience for different users’ requirements. You can comfortably depend on this versatility to create unique designs on several products, such as leather shoes, mobile phone cases, nametags, and different paper types.

Yes, you can. The machine has an ergonomic design with a humanized handle to make transportation more comfortable and strain-free. You can also find an easy-to-use control panel in the construction, effortlessly enabling you to control the UV bottle printer. Besides these, the device includes a flash spray function that automatically cleans your print heads to prevent clogging.

This printer incorporates a sizeable platform that enables you to place objects of different shapes and sizes, making it suitable for different industries. You can also rely on this spacious design to facilitate efficiency in mass production, since you can print in batches. It features a square side rail with high-precision performance to deliver smoother and more stable operations.

Additionally, the machine has three Epson 10th generation print heads that deliver three times the printing speed of other traditional printers with single-head configuration.

Yosun integrates a self-developed motherboard into this UV bottle printer that supports stability for a long time, allowing you to work non-stop for 24 hours. The motherboard also features an automatic feathering function that produces high-definition graphics without horizontal stripes.

In addition, using the incorporated auto-jumping function, you can enjoy efficiency without compromising the image’s clarity.

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