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Our Passion

We are committed to building YOSUN into Global pioneer of UV flatbed printer & rotary UV printer in the world.Supply high quality and efficiency UV printer solutions to our customers.

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Our Story

We are working to make UV printing globally easier, better and cost-effective. Our research team is constantly working hard to bring innovation and enhance the quality of UV printing.


Our Client

We are indeed privileged to have some of the most popular companies in the world as our clients. Our relation with our clients is based on mutual interest, trust and respect that we have for one another.

YOSUN YS-360 rotary UV Printer ( for Cylinder & Taper printing )

Real cylinder / cone 3D UV printer, 360° Full coverage, operation is clear and easy , no longer waste of time for operation,1440dpi high precision printing,can print all kinds of cylinder, cone, Flexible adaptation, intelligent and efficient. can print the effect of different requirements to meet the different needs of various industries.

YOSUN P30 R5 large format UV Printer

High Precision UV flatbed UV printer, Ricoh Gen5 print head,Intelligent control, redefine printing equipment,Y direction double servo motor,New generation car collision avoidance function,Constant temperature negative pressure two stage Ink box,UV LED curing light source with high efficiency, Silent drag chain imported from Germany.

YOSUN UV Printer Application

13 Sticker Printer Machine​
Sticker Printer Machine
Glass Printing Machine
Glass Printing Machine
Wood Printing
Wood Printing Machine
Printing On Metal Sheet
Printing On Metal Sheet
Leather Printing
Acrylic Printer
Ceramic Tile Printer
Ceramic Tile Printer
Plastic Printing
Plastic Printing
Plastic Printing

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YOSUN has 10 years experience in UV flatbed printer & rotary UV printer development, manufacturing and service.

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