Acrylic Printer

Acrylic is a very common material, which is widely used in construction, sign, manufacturing and decoration. Acrylic printing press provides many opportunities for your enterprise to customize logo and graphics.

From printing on acrylic products to printing on the entire acrylic board, logo and graphic suppliers need to understand this versatile material and the specific machines designed for printing on acrylic.

Print On Acrylic Products

Minimal Clear Acrylic

Acrylic is a good substitute for glass, especially when it comes to shields, trophies, and reward products.

It doesn’t shatter like glass, and it doesn’t pose a safety risk when it cracks or breaks. Because of its glass-like luminosity, it is also used in home decoration applications such as candlesticks, wallboards, lamps, and even larger items such as end tables and chairs.

Using YOSUN tablet technology, you can print directly on these items or carve on them.

print on Acrylic Products 2
print on Acrylic Products

Print On Acrylic Products

Acrylic And Lucite Wedding Decor

Acrylic is used to make logos, scaffolding, and displays for restaurants, museums, trade shows, and many other applications.

It is easy to bend and is suitable for making products such as end caps on store displays or pamphlet brackets for car dealers.

Acrylic is also widely used in schools, hospitals, and stores to make sneeze protection devices and point of sale safety items that can be customized with a variety of Yosun devices. Because of its durability and perspective, it is often used to make fashionable and exquisite office signs and doorplates.

Acrylic Printer Application Video

Acrylic materials are often used in product prototyping and special packaging.

Polycarbonate is widely used in thermoforming packaging of products and commodities. For graphic customization experts who want to make special packaging and prototypes,

technology provides a transparent glossy ink finish so that you can not only add color graphics to acrylic and polycarbonate items but also add raised text, special textures, and other high-quality finishes.

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