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Yosun presents various printing machines to increase convenience when seeking a UV digital printer to satisfy your work demands. The devices feature different voltage ratings, ranging between 220 and 380 volts, to ensure you can pick a model that best matches your workstation standards. You can also find some printers available in bright colors, such as green or yellow, for a unique addition to your factory. Nonetheless, the provider mainly produces the machines in grey steel, meeting your comfort levels when you do not want the brighter options.

In addition, Yosunuvprinter.com enables you to select between a manual or automatic printer, leading you to control the system according to your preferences. You can also obtain the UV digital printer in one or two units to suit your buying plans. Aside from these, you can find the machine in multiple sizes to fit different working areas, ranging from industrial-size to tabletop options.

UV digital printer also has a built-in conveyor belt system that makes it perfect for sealing beverages. You start by feeding canned objects such as beer, soda, or beans down the belt before the printer rinses, fills, and seals them. Most automatic machines for factory application can deliver anywhere between 10 sets and 1,200 cans. Others have a high production rate, ranging from 500 to 1,800 cans hourly, making them suitable when your business deals with mass production.

These models are conveniently compatible with various materials, including metal, plastic, glass, and aluminum. Moreover, you can use this UV digital printer to work on multiple substrate types for a conveniently versatile application, such as ceramics, canvas, wood, and leather. You do not have to stress about premature breakdowns since the Yosun printers feature sturdy and stable construction. For example, you can get a flatbed printer machine primarily made with stainless steel for reliability and longevity.

The UV ink features high-quality monomers, photo-initiators, pigments, and other additives that combine to deliver a durable curing reaction after exposure to UV light. In addition, this ink does not contain volatile organic compounds to ensure you can safely work without doubts about your health and environmental care. With a waterproof design, you can confidently print the UV ink on various materials without panicking about the damage via moisture or direct contact with water. This resistance makes the UV digital printer ideal for rough or outdoor applications.

Besides this, Yosun’s UV digital printing device adopts intelligent ink drop technology. This technology automatically enables the system to modify three differently sized ink droplets to enhance contrast, clarity, and color saturation. The adjustment results in a printing effect with a clearer and realistic appearance. A UV digital printer also features a double-curing system via the two integrated LED lamps, providing greater flexibility when handling different products.

The machine has a sizeable platform to print various objects, including mobile phone cases, nameplates, and cards. You can also use the UV digital printer to work on unique shapes and items, such as designing a leather shoe, ceramic bottle, or cylindrical can. The support of cylindrical printing ensures you can conveniently utilize the machine to meet different industries’ requirements. This wider application means you can avoid extra costs you would otherwise spend purchasing a device specifically designed for cylinders.

Yosunuvprinter.com provides the UV digital printer in a quality package, including a tutorial video. The video ensures you can smoothly set up and operate the machine without accidental damage. This guide increases your confidence and convenience when using the device for the first time. Yosun also offers detailed guidance materials and one-on-one remote guidance by technicians to enhance comfort for customers.

UV Digital Printer FAQ

This Yosun printer has a self-developed motherboard incorporated into its construction that facilitates higher performance with more stability. It integrates an automatic jump printing function that helps save time to enhance convenience when dealing with mass production.

The motherboard also features a picture feathering function that produces high-definition graphics without forming a brushed appearance.

The UV digital printer’s motherboard enhances stability, enabling you to operate it continuously for 24 hours. Besides this, the machine integrates three print heads that deliver three times the printing speed of other traditional devices with a single-head configuration.

It also has two imported UV lamps, meaning the curing is firmer and faster to suit factory usage.

The dual imported UV lamps have an adjustable setting that lets you modify the intensity depending on your needs for maximum satisfaction.

In addition, it features a six-basic color model that enables you to add light red and light blue base colors. This model allows you to create finer colors with improved clarity than the four basic color counterparts.

Yes, it is. Yosun includes a flash spraying function in the device’s construction that automatically cleans your print heads. The function helps extend your print head’s service life by stopping ink and dust from clogging the nozzles. 

You can conveniently set the flash spraying system according to your requirements for regular and reliable cleaning schedules. Aside from these, the exterior body designed with durable materials such as stainless steel makes it more comfortable to wipe and maintain the UV digital printer.

This machine features an imported guide rail that conveniently supports the silent operation. The ergonomic guide rail ensures you can conveniently work at odd hours or at home without worries about distracting and frustrating your neighbors. 

This premium component also facilitates precision and high-quality images by offering more stable performance.

UV digital printer uses state-of-the-art technology to create and cure ink onto different media surfaces. The machine has print heads with tiny nozzles that put ink droplets systematically on a substrate to form an image. 

After this, the LED lamps integrated into the device quickly cure the ink drops, ensuring you receive a sheet with a completely dried image. This process occurs in a single step as the machine passes over your materials, making it efficient and highly reliable in producing high-grade graphics.

UV Digital Printer Video

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