YOSUN YS-360 Bottle | Rotary UV Flated Printer

Yosun Rotary UV Printer Specification:

1: Real cylinder / cone 3D UV printer

2: 360° Full coverage

3: 1440dpi high precision printing

4: Flexible adaptation, intelligent and efficient

5: Colorful and real, high speed and efficient printing

6: Can print the effect of different requirements to meet the different needs of various industries

7: Color + white, printing effect

8: Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, suitable for advertising, building materials, etc

9: With Overheat protection for print head



More FAQ About 360 Rotary UV Printer

The various benefits of the YUSON YS-360 include:

1. Prints on fully cylindrical or tapered surfaces

2. Prints full-color, full-wrap images in a single pass

3. Produces high-resolution images of photographic quality

Further, the durable imagery printed by the YUSON YS-360 stands up to washing, handling, and wear-n-tear for lasting quality, especially when an optional varnish finish is used.

This rotary UV printing machine prints images on curved surfaces. The YS-360 is a digital printer.

 The YS-360 accepts image files in multiple formats, including TIFF, PNG, PDF, JPG, EPS, PSD, and AI.

The object to be printed is held firmly in place while the print head mechanism passes over it. 

The head releases cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink droplets onto the substrate to form the desired image. 

Clear varnish can be applied after the ink to add durability and shine.

The YS-360 is equipped with a high-efficiency ultraviolet ink curing system that speeds up drying and adds durability to printed images.

 This rotary UV printer consistently produces images with resolutions up to 720 x 720 DPI. 

It’s easy to use and can significantly improve your productivity while enhancing your capacity for personalized printing.

Rotary UV printers like the YUSON YS-360 are commonly called digital cylinder printers, cylindrical printers, glass printing machines, and direct-to-object printers. They are especially popular for use on cylindrical objects like cups, bottles, glassware, and candles. However, these innovative and versatile printers may also be used on substrates, including:

1. Tumblers & Thermoses

2. Makeup Containers

3. Pens & Pencils

4. Machine Parts

But that’s not all. The YS-360 can also be used on other substrates like wood, fabric, plastic tubing, PVC signage, trophies, and much more. The sky’s the limit!

A rotary UV bottle printer like the YS-360 by YUSON is an excellent choice for adding imagery to drinkware – like cups, glasses, bottles, tumblers, and thermoses. However, nearly all industries can benefit from using rotary printing. Some of the industries that are beginning to realize the usefulness of this relatively new technology include:

  • Sporting Goods Outlets
  • Health & Beauty Companies
  • Advertising & Marketing Firms
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Entities
  • Restaurants & Food Preparation Facilities

The applications for the YS-360 are unlimited. Vibrant images, logos, text blocks, and more can be added quickly and simply onto nearly all curved objects. It transforms boring cylindrical objects into exciting, impactful printed pieces.

The YUSON YS-360 is one of the best rotary UV printer units you’ll find. It features a 30mm – 120mm print diameter, 0 – 8-degree taper length, 4 colors of UV ink (plus white and varnish), and works with all kinds of cylinders and materials.

The YS-360 rotary UV printer by YUSON is equipped with a rear cylinder/cone. It prints 3D imagery with a full 360° of coverage. It provides flexible adaptability with a user-friendly, intelligent interface. The YS-360 also features:

  • Highly personalizable, able to meet unique needs across multiple industries
  • TPSON-XP600 print head equipped with sensors to prevent overheating
  • High-speed, colorful, and efficient industrial printing solution
  • Black and white or full-color printing capabilities
  • Easy-to-operate with one-touch printing
  • Resists water and scratch resistant
  • Imported UV ink

The YS-360’s dimensions are 1300mm (L) x 850mm (W) x 1760mm (H). It weighs 150kg. It comes to you straight from the factory in its original form and features a No-Hassle After-Sale Guarantee. The YUSON team is knowledgeable and always available to help new users understand the intricacies and get the most of their new rotary UV printers.

Explore this innovative and affordable UV rotary printer further here. Please reach out with any questions you may have. Our friendly and helpful team is here to help in ways we can!

Technical Specs

Brand:YOSUNPrint diameter:30MM-120MM
products:Cylinder UV printerPrint length:40-30MM
Model:YOSUN YS-360Print taper:0-80 (length)
Printing accuracy:720*720DPIPrinting speed:Rotary, white, color + varnish
Equipment weight:150KGPrint color:BK,c,M,Y,W,Varnish
Power requirements:50HZ AC220/110+> 10AGround wirePrinting speed:60s / piece (based on 3.14 inch (80 mm) image CMYK)
Print head type:EpsonInk type:UV ink, 4 colors + white + varnish
Processing software:RIPEquipment size:1300L*850W*1760H(MM)
Temperature / humidity:20-30C/30%-60%Print products:All kinds of cylinders, cones and materials

Applications / Videos


Bottle uv printer

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3 reviews for YOSUN YS-360 Bottle | Rotary UV Flated Printer

  1. 5 out of 5


    Cheap way to print on our promotion tumbler, happy to own it

  2. 5 out of 5


    WOW! This machine is nuts. Print quality do far has been A+. Super easy to set up and start printing. From unboxing to printing, maybe 10 minutes if this is your first time (unless you forgot to order resin, so go order it now lol!). Build quality is A+ I can’t find any blemishes.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Highly recommend Yosun Rotary uv printer, it really print fastly in bottle. I made lots of interesting bottle to sale, haha

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