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Yosun provides different kinds of wide format UV printers featuring various sizes, allowing you to pick a size that best addresses your needs and available space. You can find compact models suitable for utility at home or small offices such as schools and law firms. Yosun also has industrial-sized options to suit your needs when searching for a printer for factory use.

The wide format UV printer selections also feature different styles and colors available, leading you to pick a design that seamlessly complements your workstation’s décor. You can find some machines in bright colors, such as green or yellow, that enable you to add a fun element to your work. Nonetheless, the company provides most devices in grey steel to make it comfortable for all users, including buyers not interested in color.

Yosunuvprinter.com incorporates multiple wide format UV printing machines designed with various functions. You can get a device supporting manual operation or another with an automated system, leading you to buy a style that suits your preferences. In addition, you can purchase the device in a single or double unit to enhance your convenience when looking for variety.

Aside from these, the wide format UV printer comes in various modes that support different voltages, generally ranging from 220 to 380 volts. This versatility ensures you can find a model that matches your home or office’s power system for efficient and safe performance. The machine’s premium Y direction double servo motor ensures maximum operation for many years without breaking down, enhancing your convenience when looking to manage your budget in the long term.

The wide format UV printer uses state-of-the-art technology to accomplish your tasks, presenting high-quality images. This technology functions by sending tiny ink drops via printheads onto paper, metal, or plastic surfaces before producing a quality image on your sheet. It can simultaneously utilize white, color, and brilliant varnish for precise and grain-free results. The machine also features separate white ink and color ink that lets you save ink through improved management while increasing design accuracy. You can utilize this printer on different materials such as PVC, leather, plastic, metal, glass, ceramic tile, wood, and acrylic tile.

Furthermore, this machine features an ergonomic structure that lets you feed cans down its conveyor belt before it rinses, fills, and seals them. The efficient operation means you can deliver canned products ranging from 500 to 1800 per hour depending on the wide format UV printer you pick. Some automatic versions can produce between 10 sets and 1200 cans to address your concerns when dealing with large-scale production. Notably, smaller devices can only deliver one can at a time, making them suitable for home utility. The machine can work on different material types, including aluminum, plastic, glass, and metal, when handling cans.

Additionally, Yosun creates the wide format UV printer using high-quality materials such as stainless steel that ensures you can conveniently rely on your device for a long time without damage. The durability facilitates stability, allowing you to tackle different workloads without compromising quality and efficiency. It also integrates tempered steel into its frame, meaning the machine does not have a screw in the middle. Thus, the design facilitates convenient friction between the platform and materials for accurate and steady printing.

Yosun also uses environmentally friendly UV curable ink, ensuring you can work on different projects without doubts about volatile organic compounds (VOC). This quality makes these machines attractive for nature lovers and enhances your safety when working at home or office. Besides this, the wide format UV printer has a negative-pressure two-stage ink box that ensures the last ink drop makes its way out of the box.

Wide Format UV Printer FAQ

The wide format UV printing device features an ergonomic ink cartridge that you can easily adjust according to the office temperature. This adjustability means you can continue printing in hot or cold indoor conditions, making it perfect for all weather types.

It also has a high-efficiency LED curing light source that delivers professional-quality images. You can also manage your machine stress-free using the ink quantity display and alarm that indicate when to refill your system.

Yes, Yosun incorporates military-grade materials in a wide format UV printer structure that considerably resistes wear and tear. It also integrates a unique Y direction double servomotor that ensures it continually runs in the correct direction.

Thus, the resulting collision avoidance function stops components from colliding during complex tasks, simultaneously extending the machine’s service life.

The device has a silent drag chain technology imported from Germany that merges with a six-region absorption platform for smooth and quiet operation.

This system eliminates unnecessary noise to make your workstation more comfortable without interfering with others’ concentration.

Yes, it does. The machine has a swallowtail design at the back that increases your convenience when loading materials, since you can prevent friction and time wastage.

It also has a six-area absorption platform with a firmer construction to adapt to the friction between the platform and different materials. The wide format UV printer’s routing design keeps the wires safer while adding stability to the signal.

The wide format UV printer utilizes advanced technology of brilliant varnish, white, and color simultaneously for clear, precise, and delicate images. It typically begins printing on any flatbed material by coating the surface with strong adhesion. It then follows this layer with a pattern or relief effect before finishing the image with a UV varnish layer.

Besides canning materials, this device is compatible with flexible types such as plastic film, leather, paper, and cloth.

You can also use it on solid media, including ceramic tile, information board, glass, acrylic board, metal board, marble board, wood board, and KT board.

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