Box Printing Machines

It can print on almost all materials. Our digital flat UV carton printer can print cartons with high speed and excellent performance, which allows you to complete small batch carton printing production and proofing in a short time.

For carton printing, the traditional printing method is complicated because of its prepress process, such as plate making, overprint, and so on. Therefore, it is not worth printing a few cartons with the traditional printing process. In this regard, our printer can help you complete this.

Carton Printing Solutions

We have multiple machines that will print stock in different roll-fed cards to create boxes and packaging items. Print and cut to a huge range of kraft paper and card inventory with integrated truevis printers/cutters, and get outstanding color results for on-demand packaging projects.

For high-end packaging prototypes and display boxes, the Yosun printers/cutters are ideal for printing and cutting packaging prototypes and short-term boxes. With glossy ink textures, you can add embossed fonts, special textures, and other unique finishes to make packaging products truly stand out

boxing printer
boxing printer

custom gift box inkjet printing

Although the 1000f mass printer can print on industrial size card paper for transport case applications – directly on 4’X8 ‘cardboard, the 360 series printer/cutter can print certain packaging and transport applications on heavy card rolls.

A series of 360-degree cardboard printing machine are also available, which are ideal for printing directly to small boxes for on-demand transportation and packaging.

Broad application

If you plan to make a vertical display stand, end cover, desktop stand and other card paper products to be used as a temporary display stand and promotional products, 360 series printer/cutter and iu-1000f large capacity tablet are your wise choices. 360 series printers/cutters can print, add stylish glossy ink effects and textures, and then cut card materials to build your specially designed display.

The 360-degree printer/paper cutter is also ideal for printing and cutting cards for short-term display projects while ensuring ultra-bright color effects.

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