Glass Printing Machine presents a wide selection of printers, allowing you to pick a glass printing machine best suited for your needs. You can buy the devices in one or two units, depending on your preferences. In addition, the printer has various colors available, including yellow or green, to offer brightly colored options that add style to your workstation. Aside from the colorful models, most Yosun printers come in a grey steel finish. This shade offers a neutral look that can effortlessly blend with any interior setting, making it perfect for various users not keen on décor.

The glass printing machine comes in different shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose from tabletop sizes to industrial-sized models. The compact options are convenient when running a small office or a workshop at home, since they conveniently fit in a limited area without a bulky appearance. Yosun’s industrial-sized printers have a larger footprint, meaning you need to consider your available storage space before setup. Nevertheless, the bigger design makes these machines suitable for factory utility to support mass production efficiency.

Besides this, these devices feature varying operating systems to support manual or automatic performance. They incorporate different power systems, meaning you can find a glass printing machine with voltage spanning between 220 and 380 volts. Many Yosun printers feature high-quality construction using sturdy materials to ensure longevity and reliability. For example, a flatbed printer machine primarily incorporates a stainless steel construction to deliver durable and steady usage.

The glass printing machine incorporates a unique design supporting beverage sealing, such as canned soda, beer, or beans. This system allows you to place cans on a conveyor belt, where it rinses, fills, and seals them. Different glass printing devices have different capacities, with the smaller, manual models generally sealing only one can at a time. However, the bigger automatic printers made for factory operations have a higher production rate. You can find a model that delivers between 500 to 1,800 cans hourly, while other types can produce 10 sets to 1,200 cans.

Moreover, this printer has a six-area absorption platform that can swiftly adapt to the friction between the platforms and different substrates. It also integrates an alarm system and a liquid level display that indicates reduced ink quantity, ensuring you never have to run out of ink mid-printing. You do not have to panic about friction between the platform and the media surface since this glass printing machine has a tempered steel frame. The frame does not have a screw in the middle to facilitate the smooth flow of materials and prevent messy streaks.

Yosun provides a premium glass printing machine with an ergonomic structure that separates white ink and color ink. This separation enables you to save ink while improving quality management, because you can directly observe the ink when pressing. The printer also features advanced technology that simultaneously supports color, brilliant varnish, and white. This design ensures you can create beautiful images with realistic color and texture of relief. The UV varnish layer also allows you to produce a smoother surface with a durable and better effect.

Using UV printing technology, you can use the glass printing device on various items, including plastic, metal, acrylic, ceramic tile, wood board, PVC, and glass. In addition, you can use the machine to work on flexible materials like plastic film, cloth, leather, and paper. The versatile application enhances convenience when you work in a dynamic industry, helping you satisfy different clients’ needs.

Glass Printing Machine FAQ

Yes, you can easily operate the glass printer since it features an ergonomic ink cartridge that enables you to adjust the temperature according to your needs. This function ensures you can comfortably work with various temperature settings without malfunctions. Besides, the incorporated swallowtail design at the back makes it easier to load materials onto the machine.

You can quickly link it to the receiving platform, helping you avoid friction and extend the components’ service life.

The glass printing machine is compatible with multiple print head types to ensure you can select your preferred option. You can connect the device to a Gen6 or Ricoh Gen5 printer, enabling you to enjoy excellent printing speeds for efficiency and productivity.

Moreover, the device’s swallowtail construction facilitates efficiency by enabling smooth movement of media to the printer. Aside from these, you can select an industrial-sized model to seal multiple cans simultaneously when working in mass production.

Yes, the premium materials used to make it ensure you can enjoy a steady performance for a long time without random damage. The glass printing machine incorporates sturdy construction such as a stainless steel body that prevents rust and wear issues. Longevity helps you save additional expenses that you otherwise would need for regular replacements and repairs.

In addition, the device integrates a tempered steel frame into its structure to enhance sturdiness and stability.

The glass printing device uses an ultraviolet (UV) curing system to produce high-quality images efficiently. It incorporates LED lamps that immediately cure the ink drops a printhead places on a media surface.

This process results in a sheet exiting your machine with completely dried ink, ensuring high-resolution graphics without smudges.

No, it does not. This glass printing machine features a quality drag chain imported from Germany that supports silent operations. You can confidently depend on this convenient design to work from home or at night without concerns about waking your neighbors.

Additionally, the silent drag function aids in minimizing tear and wear, considerably reducing the wear of the wire harness.

Yes, you can. This glass printing device has a new generation safety function that prevents components from colliding, keeping wear damage at bay.

The printer incorporates a standard routing construction into its frame that ensures you get a more stable signal. It also increases your wire’s safety to prolong the machine’s overall lifespan and deliver quality graphics for years.

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