Yoga Mat Printer

Yoga Mat Print

Koala Bear Green Floral Yoga Mat

Want to make a custom printed yoga mat?

Our tablet printer can help you do this by inkjet printing directly on the yoga mat. Whether the material of yoga mat is Eva, PVC or pet, it can be easily completed by using our Yosun flat yoga mat printing machine.

Yogan mat print 2
Yogan mat print

Yoga Mat Print

Flowering Branches Yoga Mat

With our full color printing ability and high quality ink, you can get bright, clear and wear-resistant Yoga pad printing products.

The environmental friendly UV curable inks used in our flat panel printers meet the requirements of green production. And its UV LED curing system is energy saving and efficient.

Yoga Mat Printer Application Video

YOSUNprinter adopts industrial Ricoh R5 print head, stable performance, can achieve 24 hours × 7 productions, showing high resolution and natural color transition.

Even entry-level machines are easy to use.
Yoga is a sport about beauty. A custom printed yoga mat can enhance your enjoyment of beauty. Please contact us for more details.

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