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UV printers use UV LED lights to dry or solidify ink during printing. Attached to the print Bay is a UV light source that follows the print head. The LED spectrum reacts with the photoinitiator in the ink to make the ink dry immediately and adhere to the substrate immediately.

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With instant curing, UV printers can create realistic graphics on a variety of materials, including plastic, glass, and metal.

Some of the main advantages of attracting enterprises to use UV printers are as follows:
environmental safety

Unlike solvent inks, real UV inks release almost no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which makes the printing process environmentally friendly.

Faster production speed

The ink is cured immediately by UV printing, so there is no downtime before completion. The process also requires less labor, and you can do more in less time than other printing technologies.

UV printing can save costs because there is usually no need to use additional material for finishing or installation, and additional laminate protection may not be required at all. By printing directly to the substrate, you end up using less material, saving you time and labor.

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