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Direct to substrate UV printer supports printing on multiple flat media such as acrylic and metal to address different users’ needs. It can also work on flexible materials such as textiles to ensure you can conveniently print high-quality images without creating accidental smudges. You can print on the flexible media by placing the items on a roll, whereas printing on more rigid materials requires placing them on a flatbed vacuum table.

Yosun uses different materials to make these direct to substrate UV printers, giving you sturdy machines with durable performance. For instance, you can find a flatbed printer machine designed with stainless steel to merge reliability and longevity. A flatbed printer also typically offers an extra vacuum table integrated into the construction that keeps media stationery during printing. You can conveniently rely on the additional space to print on multiple panels simultaneously, increasing efficiency and convenience.

direct to substrate UV printer utilizes high-quality technology to deliver professional-quality images on different surfaces and materials. The technology uses ultra-violet light to dry and cure the ink as soon as the machine prints. Hence, you can put aside concerns about smear damage since the UV lights instantly cure the ink, with the sheets exiting from the machine completely dry. Aside from these, the printer also supports white ink. In addition, that enables it to print white text, second surface layers, and imagery for backlit displays.

Although many people primarily utilize a direct to substrate UV printer for factory purposes, the collections on enable you to obtain some models suitable for home-usage. Many devices incorporate ergonomic components and control panels to make operation swift and comfortable for various users. The machines are also available in various sizes to ensure you can pick a style that best fits your workstation and space requirements.

Besides these, Yosun offers a direct to substrate UV printer in different colors, which allows you to buy a model that suits your preferences. You can find some options in bright shades such as green and yellow to add a unique and standout look to your working area. Nevertheless, most machines come in grey steel, making it convenient for neutral buyers not interested in colorful designs.

You can find different direct to substrate UV printing devices constructed with varying features, such as automatic and manual models. Yosun’s selections also include machines with different voltages, with most options ranging from 220 to 380 volts. You can enjoy flexibility when shopping to suit your needs since you can buy the direct to substrate UV printer in one or two units.

Moreover, Yosun provides printer models that you can efficiently utilize to seal beverages, such as soda, canned beans, and beer. These quality machines can work on various materials to make them easier to operate, including metal, plastic, glass, and aluminum. You can rely on their ergonomic designs to feed cans down a conveyor belt, where the devices rinse, fill, and seal your canned items. Different UV printers function at different rates, meaning you can get a device producing anywhere from 500 to 1,800 cans hourly. An automatic direct to substrate UV printer is suitable for factory utility and can deliver between 10 sets and 1,200 cans. If you seek a machine for small-scale home use, you can find some smaller versions that produce one can at a time.

Direct to Substrate UV Printer FAQ

Yes, you can. The machine supports direct printing on various materials, including glass, ensuring you can save extra costs that you would otherwise spend purchasing a different machine designed specifically for glass. You can rely on this printer to add unique and creative details on different glass surfaces such as awards, plaques, monuments, and decorations.

Even though most people associate the direct to substrate UV printer with flat products, you can print on cylindrical shapes such as beer bottles, cups, and candles. The ergonomic construction allows you to place the cylindrical item stably to ensure you get accurate images without smudges from accidental rolling.

You can also print on round shapes such as golf balls to add a fun and personalized look during your outing at the course.

Most machines have a sizeable platform that lets you print multiple balls simultaneously, aiding you in time management and efficiency.

You can use this machine to accomplish various tasks such as creating signage for transport and architectural projects, interior and exterior displays, hoardings, and event signage.

The device is also ideal when reproducing photographic and fine artwork, delivering high-quality images on your preferred materials.

Yes, it is. Yosun incorporates high-quality construction in the direct to substrate UV printer, enabling you to fit a phone case for printing. In addition, the machine is compatible with plastic surfaces,

which in turn allows you to print photo-quality images with detailed text on tablet covers and cases. This quality makes it ideal when looking to have the edge over your competition in the phone case market.

No, you can use it on different-colored surfaces. The device utilizes specialized UV LED inks that produce more effective, opaque white ink utility, perfect for professional-quality printing on darker materials.

This ink’s quality also helps address durability concerns related to solvents and abrasion, ensuring you can always create high-quality images with brilliant color.

You can use a direct to substrate UV printer on various materials, including metals, wood, plastic, and ceramic tiles. The versatility makes it suitable for different products and industries to increase your convenience when handling different materials in your work.

Additionally, the high-quality UV-LED inks used by the machines are very flexible, meaning you do not have to panic about the images flaking off or cracking on flexible vinyl applications.

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