Why UV Printer Is Expensive?


Why UV Printer Is Expensive

Using a UV printer and purchasing products printed on it can be expensive. The advanced technology and ergonomic machines are examples of the factors that add to the higher costs. You can also find other elements that contribute to a UV printing device being expensive. These include:

Material Prices and Durability

When you learn about the various materials you can print using a UV printer, you may think, “Is UV printing durable?”

You may worry that printing on certain substrates, such as leather, canvas, of flexible vinyl results in weak outcomes. In such cases, it is easy to think that the graphic will crack and peel off when a client bends or folds the product.

However, the machine’s advanced UV technology means the UV-LED lamps instantly cure the ink.

The resulting high-resolution and precise image quality ensures durability in different materials and conditions since the ink is waterproof. Investing in longevity can be expensive, but the premium results go a long way in helping you enjoy an excellent return on investment.

Operating a UV printer is expensive when you also look at the materials you use, especially if your business directly purchases some substrates for printing before a sale. The different materials compatible with a UV printer come at different prices. For instance, it may be cheaper to purchase and print on paper than on a golf ball.

A paper fits on most printing platforms, and their availability makes their average market price lower.

In contrast, if you specialize in customizing uniquely shaped products like golf balls, you need to spend extra costs on the balls than buying paper.

Additionally, you need to ensure you have extra tools such as ergonomic jigs on your printer to hold the rounded objects steadily in place during printing.

Ink Costs

It is essential to consider the question, “Is UVink expensive?” when looking at why a UV printer is expensive.

As mentioned above, UV ink incorporates different features such as durability and waterproof capability to deliver consistent and professional-quality graphics.

In addition, the ink incorporates a unique formula highly responsive to light, enabling it to dry instantly upon exposure to UV rays.

For these reasons, UV inks are expensive. It is necessary to determine the ink type you want to utilize since some printers use bulk inks while others use cartridges or bags.

You can divide the cartridge price by the millimeter count and multiply the result by 1000 to calculate UV inks’ liter costs in bags or cartridges.

The prices per liter range from approximately $250 to over $700, meaning the eventual cost per print can be double or triple the $250 per liter tag, the higher the amount you spend on the ink.

Operation and Maintenance

Besides the inks and material costs, utility and maintenance costs contribute to a UV printer being expensive.

The more you print, the more energy the machine consumes, leading to increased electricity bills. Furthermore, it is imperative to have regular and reliable maintenance checks to ensure the printer operates correctly and efficiently, a service that incurs additional costs.

You also need to account for employee paychecks and training fees for yourself or workers when using a new printer.

It is easy to see why a UV printer is expensive looking at the above factors. When you consider all the costs involved in the aspects mentioned here, you find it costly to run the machine. In turn, the expensive operation also ultimately leads to a higher cost per print for clients.

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